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I am an observational seismologist ...

who is interested in everything related to volcanoes, earthquakes and large scale geodynamic processes such as subduction, rifting and mountain building.

I am an expert in shear-wave splitting analyses which I use to constrain seismic anisotropy. During my PhD, I developed a new code - called SplitRacer - to analyse shear-wave splitting more efficiently.

I am also interested in studying the local seismicity of specific tectonic settings to understand the deformation of the Earth's crust. I do this using traditional network location techniques as well as array (beamforming) methodology.

Most recently, I received a DFG (German Research Council) reseach grant to study the volcano Oldoinyo Lengai in Tanzania. This is the only active natrocarbonatite volcano worldwide. The project aims to understand the volcano's plumbing system and structure as well as the seismicity connected to the volcanic activity. The initial field work commenced in February/March 2019.

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