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SplitRacer is a graphical user interface in the MATLAB environment for teleseismic shear-wave splitting analysis. In view of increasingly
large seismological experiments, SplitRacer is designed to process large data sets quickly for which it integrates automatic and user-active steps. This enables a straightforward analysis based on the user’s own quality criteria. SplitRacer offers a number of features designed to ensure precise measurements as well as user-friendliness.

SplitRacer: Research
SplitRacer: About

In Detail:

  • Data can be downloaded directly from all data centers that are part of the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks Web Services.

  • A first automatic data check is followed by visual assessment of the phases in question.

  • We account for a possible misalignment

  • The shear-wave splitting analysis is based on the minimum
    (transverse) energy method (Silver and Chan, 1991)

  • SplitRacer provides an
    overview of single-phase splitting measurements per station that
    can be used to detect azimuthal dependencies.

  • SplitRacer offers the
    possibility to fit models of one or two anisotropic layers or a
    model of smoothly varying anisotropy to the observed data.

  • SplitRacer offers a multiphase joint-splitting analysis for one and two hypothetical layers in which all events at a given station are used simultaneously to constrain the anisotropic

If you interested, follow the links to download the version you need!

SplitRacer: About
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